My Upcycling Project 2023

Hi Everyone , 

Happy New Year to you , hope this year brings us more happy things in our not so busy life. 

So I’ve been planning to make this since loong time ago , but you know this and that makes something harder to realize. So now here it is , proudly we present our very first upcycling project ! 

As a fabric company that do manufacturing , converting , printing and dyeing and everything in between, we have lots and lots of scrap fabric. Leftover from sampling , last pieces , defective items , wrong colours , ARCHIVE ! So many fabric scraps that we are overwhelmed by it. 
If you have any ideas on how to make these item more profitable or at least useful for someone, do reach us ! We are so happy to work with you. 

Today , i would like to show you some items we’ve been making that hopefully can inspire and useful for you. 

This scrunchie is made from leftover solid samples of our EUCA and pleats fabric. Made from Tencel and Tencel blend fabric. Mostly light fabric , because we think it is more suitable for scrunchie, not heavy and easily mold. 

The pouch , is made from leftover samples of greige cotton or TC fabric.

Scrunchie is ready and available for purchase online and at our store.  
And if you need it in bulk , contact us. We can create more for you ! 
We sew these scrunchie on our tailor’s spare time in between orders. 

and this is fabric tag , is made from any suitable greige fabric. 
handprinted in house in our printing factory in Bandung.

Hopefully these tags can become a great addition for your me made wardrobe. 

If you are wondering why we have to have so many samples, it’s because we cut and check every production made. Your fabric comes to several people’s desk before it has a pass and go to you. From density , colour , and washing test , etc. We want to ensure fabrics arrive at your door at the best quality possible. 

That’s all for today , have a great day ! and i hope you are happy and enjoy what you do. We are excited to welcome 2023 ! 

Bye Bye !