Tokoencit is a fabric company, we provide supply of high quality material for fashion
We specialized in eco-friendly organic fabrics, and we put much care on the origin of the fabric.
Where it comes from and how it is being developed.

We love to collaborate with designers to create beautiful fabrics,
limited edition collections, and some other fabric that worth a place in your always too full wardrobe.

Our mission is to help designers to do creation,
by delivering fabric customization and consultation.

Located at Bandung, Indonesia Tokoencit’s showroom is currently held over 4000
fabric samples, ready to be transformed into beautiful pieces.


We provide custom printing, dyeing, pleating, & embroidery services. You can come to us
when you have small orders, or to print high quantities.

Our in house laboratory and production plan are ready to create your one of a kind
fabric for your design!


+ 62 811-2121-506 for fabric order
+ 62 811-2121-860 for fabric order
+ 62 817-626-426 for custom print / dye order only



Jln. Kelenteng 32
Bandung, West Java, Indonesia 40182

Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm
Saturday 9am to 2pm
Sunday Closed

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