SPECIAL PRICE for fabric custom print! [ENG Ver]

Hello ! 

This month promo : SPECIAL PRICE for fabric custom print ! 
Price start from only IDR 48.ooo / meter, include fabric and printing !

Check fabrics options below, we have 16 types fabrics from light to heavyweight, many choices of textures, made from TENCEL™ ,Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, and blends.  

promo period : May 2022

Fabric List : 

Code Fabric  Price per meter
Min 100 m Min 200 m
(mix design) ( 1 design)
762E Taffeta Silk                 53.ooo                   48.ooo
864A Denier 70                 53.ooo                   48.ooo
765U2 Spun Twill                 55.ooo                   50.ooo
761W Light Ribstop                 57.5oo                   52.5oo
765A Peslin                 57.5oo                   52.5oo
767C Canvas Twill / PE Twill 20’s                 57.5oo                   52.5oo
769E2 Back Sateen Crepe / Valerie                 57.5oo                   52.5oo
763A Poly Crepe                 60.ooo                   55,ooo
764B Powder Skin 58”                 60.ooo                   55.ooo
753C RY Poplin 30s                 85.ooo                   60.ooo
715D Euca Super – TENCEL™                  95.ooo                   70.ooo
754A Ry Moscrepe                 95.ooo                   65.ooo
755E Ry Sateen 40’s                 95.ooo                   65.ooo
724A/A2 (new) Lyco Poplin – TENCEL™                105.ooo                   75.ooo
724B Lyco Linen – TENCEL™                105.ooo                   75.ooo
739AA Klook Slub               105.ooo                   75.ooo

Notes :
  • Price include fabric and printing. BEST PRICE SUPER GOOD DEAL !!
  • Lead time 2 - 4 weeks depends on production queue.
  • FREE fabric swatch 12x12cm for you to decide which fabric suitable for your style.
  • Payment terms 50% DP 50% CBD.
  • Price only for promo period.

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Chose the fabric or request FREE fabric swatch, and send us your design files !

Order now ! Email us at hello@tokoencit.com
Download pricelist here.

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