Why The Circular Economy Will Not Fix Fashion’s Sustainability Problem

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We all know that fashion industry has polute our world too much with fast fashion items and our very own consumer behavior. New trends of fashions like sustainable fabrics, recycled materials , supply chain transparancy ‘sheep-to-shop’ , rental market or other forms of ownership , slow fashion , upcycling , circular fashion, etc has existed as our effort and commitments to find a better solution to take care of the environment. What do you think you can do to contribute on this issue ?

This article by forbes says that slowing down the growth of fashion is the only way to address fashion polution problems. No amount of reusing or recycling will offset the continuous growth of fashion industry. The drive should not only come from end consumers behaviour, but has to be from the producers behaviour too. Produce smarter and do not over produce. 

Interesting facts from the article: 

1. In 2015 , fashion contributes to 5% of total global carbon emissions, just second after gas and oil industry. 

2. Fashion industry grows 4-5% annually and totaling growth of 1.7 in 11 years.   [ Very good business ]

3. According to Ellen McArthur Foundation , a large shares of fashion products never get sold and kept by seller and 87% of that goes to landfill or destroyed.