Feels so right: TENCEL™ 

TENCEL™ is branded lyocell fibers from Lenzing. The fibers are made from Eucalyptus wood in closed loop process. Fabric made from TENCEL™ are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen.

Why is TENCEL™ named as Eco Fabric?

TENCEL™  Lyocell fibers with REFIBRA technology are manufactured in an award-winning efficient closed-loop process, contributing to the circular economy in the textile industry. More detail can be read on www.lenzing.com

What’s good about TENCEL™?

TENCEL™ has excellent moisture management. It absorb moisture completely and naturally and then release it to the outside. Leaving the fabric surface always in dry condition , thus bacteria can not grow. The fibril along TENCEL™  fiber makes it super soft next to skin ideal for people with sensitive skin.

At Tokoencit , we have develop many kinds of TENCEL™  based fabric.
From thin to thick , casual to formal , woven to jersey.

Choose from our wide selection of TENCEL™ & TENCEL™  blend fabric , both woven and jersey at shop fabric page.
Our TENCEL™ fabrics collection :

New Euca Voille

Our very first classic TENCEL™  fabric. Lightweight super soft fabric made from 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell. First launch at year 2000, weaved and produced locally in Indonesia. Suitable for Scarves, Blouse and Linings. 

Euca Sateen 

Lightweight TENCEL™ in sateen weave , bring luxurious touch and feel. Comparable alternative dear all silk lovers. Suitable for Scarves , Blouse , Linings.  

Euca Silk

Blend of Nylon & TENCEL™ , euca silk bright in colours with shiny effect. It’s also less crumple and easy to form. The thinness of the fabric makes euca silk compact in size , perfect for light travel enthusiast. Suitable for Scarves & Linings.  

Euca Stretch

Stretchy light weight material blend of TENCEL™ , polyester and spandex. Make it twotone or solid , creation are limitless. Suitable for Ladies blouse.

Euca Super

Medium weight plain weave TENCEL™. Euca Super is the most versatile fabric from all Euca and Lyco Series. Bring comforts into your everyday and feel the love of nature next to your skin. Suitable for anything.  Perfect choice for kidswear fabric.

Lyco Linen

Lyco stands for Lyocell and Cotton. Lyco Linen is our favorite fabric from Lyco series. Linen weave creates textured linen effect combine with the softness of TENCEL™ . Must try for all linen and TENCEL™ lovers. Suitable for Ladies blouse , pashmina, light dress.

Lyco Poplin

Shirting fabric in Cotton TENCEL™ blend. High density fabric with formal and sleek look. Not see through for white garments. Suitable for shirting , dress.

Linen Canvas

The one and only heavy weight canvas weave TENCEL™. Feel the comfort and softness of TENCEL™ for casual days. Suitable for dress, pants, outerwear.

And many more -- Find complete selection of our TENCEL™  item at catalogue vol.6