Tokoèncit おりもの

Eco Print by Nurul | Green Papaya

Rp 500.000
per meter

Eco print made by Nurul , full of colour and rich complexity. 

Mix leafs are used throughout the collection. Green Papaya is made in RY High Twist 100%Viscose

Eco-print is a handcraft technique , using natural leaves can be fresh or not. Pigment colour from natural plants are transferred into fabric by steaming and pressing. It does not use harmful chemical during the process. Every artist have different style of eco-printing.

Due to it’s handmade process , each fabric will not be same in leaves and flower placement and colour. 

Fabric may have wood / leafs smell, which will be gone after multiple washes.

This item can be pre-order on other fabric based. No exact re-production is possible. Please allowed 2 weeks pre-order time depends on quantity order.  

Sold by piece. 

Fabric in photo is size 150cm x 200cm. 

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