Tokoèncit おりもの

712A-DY-PFP White Mercer 106

Euca Sateen | PFD White Mercer for 3 meter

Rp 210.000
per meter

Fabric Details

Fabric 712A-DY EUCA Sateen

59" / 100 gsm

Comp 100% Tencel®


This fabric is PFD White fabric (unfinish)

Colour and handfeel may not be exactly the same for different batch of PFD. Always test your fabric before start production. 

Price is for 3 meter of fabric. This fabric is sold with minimum 3 meter and increment of 3 meter. 


Price Details

Retail (minimum 3 meter) - Rp 56.000 / meter

Contact our staff for bulk price

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