Tokoèncit おりもの


Fabric Catalogue vol 5.2 | For Custom Order

Rp 380.000


Catalog vol 5.2 contains 36 various fabrics mix both woven and knit jersey, in printed or solid plain sample. Mix composition from Tencel, Cotton, Rayon Viscose, Polys, TC/TR. 
All fabrics in this catalogue are available for custom print or custom dye.

Recommended for brands or designers looking for print your own design or dye your chosen color to match your moodboard. 

Do not purchase this book if you interested in buying ready stock fabric. 
This one only listed fabric that ready to be customize. 

Inside the book, we attach fabric samples complete with composition, width, and weight of each fabric.

Note : the one with the leaves symbol is certified TENCEL® fabric.

Once you purchase this item, you will get 2 books for vol 5.2, natural series and basic series. This pricing include both books.  

Contact us for custom pricelist. 

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