Tokoèncit おりもの

763A9-PL-PLTWCV DG#2212214-R1-10

Poly Crepe | PL Twoway Chevron Three color Check R1

Rp 110.000
per meter
Color: Avocado 10

Fabric Details

Fabric 763A9-PL  Poly Crepe
width / weight

58" / 142 gsm

comp 100% Polyester

Notes on pleat : 

All pleats fabric are pleated in warp direction (horizontal) 

All pleats fabric are measured in meter , by stretching the fabric (not in relax condition)

Pleats size tolerance +-0.5cm 

Purchase of same colour 

Minimum 20 mtr - discount 10% 

Minimum 50 mtr - discount 20% 

Minimum 100 mtr - discount 30% 

Contact our staff to add discount after checkout 


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