Tokoèncit おりもの


Corn Pleats / Pleats Jagung | Solid

Rp 55.000
per meter
Color: Navy 1613

Notes on pleat 

Corn Pleats ( Pleats Jagung ) are pleated in warp direction (vertical) 

Original fabric width is 59” , after pleats is about 40-50” depending on how you stretch the fabric. Pleats fabric are measured in meter.

Corn Pleat is an irregular pleat type without exact size measurement.

For Black & Olive (TC Poplin) ... pleats are more sharp / obvious 

For PFP Putih 102 , Navy 1613, & Dark Grey (Cotton Rich) .... pleats are less sharp / less obvious. 

Fabric Details

Fabric           TC Poplin & Cotton Rich New

59" or 150cm (original width)

40-50” or (after pleats depending on how you stretch the fabric)


80% Polyester 20% Cotton (for TC Poplin)

55% Polyester 45% Cotton (for Cotton Rich)



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